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When you donate money to Save the Forest, you help us maintain existing forest and
increase the amount of forests in the country.





Here's a glimpse of all our successes:

  1. Success in preserving forest 1
  2. Successin preserving forest 2
  3. etc. etc.

Tax Free Donating and Legacies

Do you live in the Netherlands and would you like to take advantage of the
option to make your donations to Save the Forest tax-free?

Or are you considering including Save the Forest in your will? Thanks to
our ANBI status, that is very easy to do.

To make a tax-free donation you can also simply complete the Tax-Free
Donation Form. For any donation of €50 or more per year, you can deduct
the whole amount from your tax return.

That is beneficial for you and certainly beneficial for us.

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